Friday, 10 February 2012

human baby #1

human songs #1

norwegian wood by the beatles.

old human

So called cartoons

I don't know what's worse about this small, highly offensive volume - the content, which is utterly abysmal, or the fact that someone at Penguin saw fit to commission it. Either way, this is simply offensive trash, so-called cartoons by someone with as much drawing talent as my dog, and straplines that are as offensive as they could possibly be - have I made my point yet? I made the mistake of opening it to see what was inside, and immediately felt cheapened, soiled, even. If it's meant to be funny, it isn't. The writer-come-artist is utterly without talent and this should never have made it to print. It is vile, crude and disgusting, and those are just the good things I can think of to say about it. I don't want it in my house, it's going in the bin to be recycled into paper for a more deserving title. Dagsson is apparently the most famous cartoonist in Iceland - God help them if that's true! Surely there's a more talented writer/artist than this sick person in Iceland? I felt honour bound to include this as Penguin saw fit to send me a copy, but my preferred choice would be to give it zero publicity and coverage - it's nasty. -Gateway Monthly